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I have created the Positive Futures Guide to assist you in creating & sustaining a positive future for yourself, your family, organization, community, or the issue that fires your passion.

Ned Hamson (that's me stuck into the photo above): Activist, Author, Researcher, Innovator, and Believer in creating Positive Futures Now is your Chief Guide here.

You may "guide" yourself with the content here at no charge. I'm offering these 30 plus years of experience creating and researching positive futures that "work and stick" to you as "payback" to the world for what thousands of people, animals and the earth taught me.

The practical "how to" tools and examples of how these tools, processes and methods have worked for others are all free for individual use.

Please see the articles matrix below to begin your journey.

Visions of Positive Futures: Articles/proposals for positive futures

The basic value to your efforts of these articles and
self-study guides are based upon two pillars:

I have worked with many of the very best of those who have done good work at helping others or their organization create positive futures that work. (Look here and see if you wish).

My criteria has always been to find people and processes for creating positive futures that work well, last, and are based on humane ethics and principles. These are early days for this site and it will be updated fairly often over the next several months. The index of material available now, as well as information about me appears below.

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Special article: Navigating the rough winds of restructuring by moving into...

The Eye of the Storm (pdf) - Lyn Stabler (about author)

After more than a week of scanning my e-mail for a hoped for message, I finally saw "I'm alive" Lyn Stabler. What a sweet message. After a week of worrying about a 20-year friend and colleague from Bay St. Louis, Mississippi (recently wiped out by Katrina) I got the news that she, her family and cat were OK, home was flooded and that they'd be living up near Jackson, MS for the time being.


In my message back to her, I remembered that the last article she had written for me was about how people dealt with drastic change and she's used the metaphor of moving into the eye of the storm, since work change often hit people or felt like being in a hurricane. And the more I though about it, what she had found out working with people through restructuring, downsizing (including her own) was what many city, state and federal managers needed to know for managing their relationships with victims of Katrina.

It is not surprising that Lyn is better able to handle her current situation because of her previous experience of helping people live through hurricanes at work. I highly recommend it to you. Ned Hamson

Knowledge/Skill Levels, Examples/Case Histories, and Thought starting and insightful essays and fiction. (right) Introductory or General Understanding of Terms and Concepts Learning "How To's" and Applying to Creating a Positive Future Examples and Case Histories (Stories) Essays, Poems, Fiction, & Quotes
Phases of the Process of Creating and Sustaining a Positive Future (down)        
Baseline or "Seeing" clearly your current and past habits, patterns, and processes.

Living a Creative and Open Life This is where many begin understanding what the possibilities are for their life. Hamson

The Perfection Trap Understanding and getting out of the "I can't do it unless it's perfect" trap. Hamson

Why Innovation Doesn't Work and What To Do About It Solutions based on Aikido principles. Hamson

Requisite for Future Success: Discontinuous Improvement pdf Hamson and Holder

A "Feast" of Social Artistry (pdf) Jean Houston

Seeking the new global paradigm for excellence... Questing for Quality (pdf) Bob Holder

Serendipity, the art of discontinuous improvement and staying alive Wasn't that new just yesterday? (pdf) Bob Holder

Competitive globalization, labor shortages and innovation pressures: they all require... Leadership from depth (pdf) Bob Holder

Uncluttering Our Thinking (pdf)-- Ned Hamson

A high-performance team is not a multi-part machine (PDF)- Charlie Ehin


Spirit at Work (pdf)- Jean Houston

Starting Your Journey to a Positive Future - The 39th Step Big steps, little steps, stretch goals; a very practical view that's worked for me. Hamson

Re-Scripting the Film "My Life" Change your self and how others "see" you. Hamson

It's About Time Time never changes but we can change how we use it and experience it -- we can even learn how to "flow" with it. Hamson

What have we done to innovation and how can we change? Uncaging Innovation and Scouting (pdf) Bob Holder

Developing scouting systems... Creating new games through scouting (pdf) Bob Holder

Creating a learning room that works Space and learning (pdf) Bob Holder

The day the taxman (and woman) joined the Magic Circle. Peter Wiegold

Danjin on Deming - Danjin

The World of Patch Adams and Geshundheit! (pdf) Ned Hamson interview

Patch Adams (himself) (pdf)

Before You Go: A Conversation with Anishinaabe Firekeeper Bruce Hardwick on Leadership Ned Hamson

Who Will Make Their Tea? Peter Wiegold, Symphonic Composer

Spirit at Work: An Interview with Peter Wiegold (pdf) Ned Hamson

The Need for Transcendence in the Postmodern World Vaclav Havel

Well Done from Ground Zero John Cimino

A look at Real Teamwork (pdf) Hamson

Working for No Thing Prince Hui's Cook Chuang Tzu

The Mountain Whippoorwill (Or, How Hill-Billy Jim Won the Great Fiddlers' Prize) Stephen Vincent Benet

Whom do you invite first? Given to us by Jayadeva DeSilva

Creating/Discovering Alternative Futures to Pursue

Strategies and Processes for Making a Positive Future

Strategies and Processes for Staying the Course

The Search for Effective Strategic Planning Is Over pdf Fred and Merrelyn Emery, and S. Cabana

The Power of Community Search Conferences (pdf) Merrelyn Emery

Clues for experiencing a world when there is no path Corporate Change and the Hero's Quest (pdf) Bob Holder

Let's Be Creative! (pdf)-- Ned Hamson

The Search Conference: a Compact and Robust Method for Getting Out of the Box Hamson

Making Things Run Well (pdf) Dick Danjin

Visioning: an energizing tool (pdf) Bob Holder

Excellence in Communication -- Basic and Advanced (pdf) Ned Hamson

Originality in Management -- Hidaki Yoshihara (pdf) This is the base article on Discontinuous Innovation; innovation that creates a new market!

Community Planning in the Torres Straits pdf Merrelyn Emery and John Paton

Searching for a Quality Environment in Vail, CO (pdf)

Renewing a Community (pdf) Frank Heckman

Hospitality Industry

The power of music and participation as learning tools in China and Vietnam (pdf)- Gloria Martillano

The visioning process and its impact in a service setting (pdf)- Gloria Martillano

Labor-Management Relations

Navigating the Emerging Decision Making Paradigm (pdf)- Steve Barber


How Duane Saved the World (pdf) Hamson

How'd I Lose 115 Pounds?

AHASAK ILY - A Christmas Tale about the first and always gift of Christmas.

Carmen's Fourth Christmas (1912) A tale of a Mother's Christmas vow kept by the daughter.

Frederick Douglass' Escape from Slavery Leading Anti-Slavery Leader tell us in his own words of his escape from slavery near Baltimore, Maryland to New York City and on to New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1838 America

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Race Matters -- Carl House's excellent index and archive of articles and resources which deal with creating a positive future in American society -- one that has overcome its historical exploitation and marginalization of Black-Americans and First Nation people.

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TetraMap International is a New Zealand consulting group lead by Yoshimi and Jon Brett. Their TetraMap offers a natural window into a positive future. See the book shop for their TetraMap book -- which is great!

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