Personal Innovation, Change, Transformation Begins with a 40-Day Journey

"I have to do this; everything depends upon my own positive change, innovation, or transformation."

My own realization of what should have been obvious

Even after I had written an essay on reinventing myself, I did not quite get it. I called the article the 39th step. It's here on this site, if you want to read it.

I had realized at that time that after 39 days of pursuing the creation of a new set of habits, I "knew"; I could do it and was on my way to realizing my goal.

After a few more years of thinking about how hard permanent change seemed to be, it hit me. The old habits or patterns never really go away what you do it to 'set' a new pattern and follow it long enough that will not fall away.

I was re-reading the story of Jesus being baptized and then going into the wilderness for 40 days " it hit me " to fully understand and accept his being the Son of God and his mission.

And even after those forty days and walking his path, he again had doubts about who and what he was before he gave himself up to the Roman soldiers.

Then in a practical manner, I realized that it took about 40 days for the military to turn civilians into soldiers.

So, what I am talking about involves you making a commitment -- and me with you -- for forty days.

And that's a big commitment!

So the change, transformation, innovation that you desire can't just be a wannabee wish or hope to thing. It has to be a live or die, I have to do this desire or need.

Early on in my journey, I made this "bargain," pact, prayer with God:

"I'll do the walking; you do the talking."

I was not alone and that helped. If you can do it that way as well -- go for it!

The changes I went through were as much mental as physical and that led me to my latest understanding.

Irregardless of the type of transformation, innovation or change, the simple act of walking each and every day in addition to the changes you are making "give" you the time and reinforcement you need to make the new pattern of you as deep and sure as a river that has permanently changed its course.

If what you need to do is important enough to you, have the financial resources for it, and you want my help, let's talk.