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Presented by Ned Hamson

I have read the books recommended here, or know the author well enough to be sure that the processes and methods work.

Nearly all the book are available at

After Atlantis: Working, Managing, and Leading in Turbulent Times was my first book; done with chapters by colleagues from Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, the USA and Australia. It's out of print but you may well be able to purchase a used copy or find through inter-library loan. Gifford Pinchot III said of it: "Save ten years, read this book."
Global Innovation was written with Bob Holder. It's out of print, I believe, but is available in electronic form. I still have a few copies, so if you want a paperback, contact me. Bob and I have both worked on Scouting, the method described here. The central message is simple; Global innovation ain't what it used to be - there are new rules and new ways to be globally innovative.
I wrote Managing Quality with Amy Zuckerman. It is also out of print but is available in electronic for. A good practical approach to quality management and ISO 9000
Merrelyn Emery (along with her late husband, Fred) has done all the ground work on The Search Conference as THE MEANS for groups to get out of the box and create innovative positive futures. This is the basic book and will help you individually and your community, group or organization see and plan for a positive future
Merrelyn Emery and the Search Conference method of creating and setting the groundwork for successful implementation of desired positive futures again; this time with more cases described.  
Society's Breakthrough by Jim Rough is from the same "river" as the Search Conference but was developed through Jim's experience helping individuals and groups with his Dynamic Facilitation. Jim has field tested his methods in a variety of settings with exciting results.
The next two books are must reads. Two smart and zany Swedish economists, Jonas Ridderstrale and Kjell A Nordstrom, provide breakthrough thinking and examples of global innovation. Funky Business is their first book and Karaoke Capitalism is the second.
Karaoke Capitalism Have you noticed how copies of copies are increasingly offered (and accepted) in place of originality and innovation by many organizations and governments? Instead of being depressing, this is evidence that innovative positive future proposal, product, or service will easily stand out, if you have the will and vision.  
In Netocracy, Alexander Bard and his co-author write a challenging and at times chilling account of how the Internet is and may be changing both the economy and comity. In creating a Positive Future, we need to be aware of how major technological elements can aid or hinder the effort.  
Charlie Ehin is an original from the word go. In Unleashing Intellectual Capital, he tells us what "un-management" is all about and why it works.  
I said Charlie Ehin was an original; in Aftermath he recounts the inspiring and instructive tale of how 8 year old Charles and his father "walked" out of the reach of Hitler's Nazi Germany and the Europe held hostage by Hitler.
In a similar vein, Jim Fisher gives us an account of the 1940's -- In the Shadow of the Courthouse -- that also is both inspiring and instructive to those who wish to build a positive future.
"TetraMap´┐Ż is a new millennium model with a fresh approach to managing conflict and improving performance through teamwork. The model is a catalyst for emotionally intelligent behaviour and creativity in dealing with others. " Yoshimi and Jon Brett - New Zealand
Merrelyn Emery, in addition to helping give the Search Conference to society, developed the Participative Design Workshop -- PDW which enables people to effectively organize work in ways that support the six requirements for productive work. Effective, humane and democratic work, it seems fits with almost any positive future one can imagine.
For the time being, this is the list of books which I believe will support your efforts Others will be recalled and added later, I am sure. But this is a good start, along with the articles I have made available at no charge on the Positive Futures Guide main page. Listed below is some music from Native Americans/First Nation people that I like very much and contributes to my thinking about positive futures for these people. Also several CDs from an Australian First People -- totally outrageous aboriginal rock and roll with a message about timeless values and freedom. Ned
Buffy St. Marie - Up Where We Belong (Best of Best) Remember Buffy and her Universal Soldier, Magic is Alive and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee? Great music and inspiring.
Keith Secola - Wild Band of Indians: Fingermonkey I first heard him in an interview on Fresh Air (NPR). An Ojibwe who lives out in New Mexico, I believe. Good music, sense of humor, and justice. Indian Carz and Frybread... well just give it a listen and you will be hooked.

Yothu Yindi is group of Austrailian First People (Yolngu) from the Northern Territory. Two CDs recommended. Traditional music with rock and roll and riffs now and then from the Ventures of old - grin - surf music to the youngsters.

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