The Knowledge Pool


If your aim is to:


We can help you.

We have two basic approaches:

  1. An Innovation Lab -- We can help you and your "first team" get out of the box, "see" what's coming, what our possibilities may be, select strategies and work out our initial action plan. Typically, we will use the search conference process that starts with your own expertise and track record and then leverages it into an improved view of what's possible and how you can create a renewed positive future for your organization , or
  2. A Scouting Assignment -- Give us the parameters of your need and we will scout the "territory" for you and bring you the "map" to your positive future.

Take a look at our resources and experience, then give Ned Hamson a call at 513-226-5322 and let's get started.

Note: When I say "we," I am not using the - grin - royal we. I have trusted and experienced colleagues that I may call upon, depending on your needs. They are among the world's best at getting results. The live in and work out of the US, Canada, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the Philippines.