Fee Paid Guide Services to Support Positive Futures

News research and writing

Using my thirty years of paid and volunteer experience researching and writing news and backgrounder stories about creating positive change and futures for people, the environment, animals, culturally creative NGOs to advance your interests and goals could be the edge you need.

      Sample articles...

Editing and publication management

There are times when what you may really need is an editor who can help you really say what you want to say or get a publication project done in a way that brings your positive future closer to now! More than a few of the 1,500 writers I have worked with have thanked me for "getting into their heads" and helping them say what they wanted to say.

Marketing strategy and copy writing

When the stakes are high and time is short, you sometimes need someone who can work quickly and effectively to help you reach those you need to help you make the positive future you have envisioned a reality. My passion, experience and creativity helped

  • A neighborhood get the recreation center from being promised for ten years to being built in 14 months
  • Take the Journal I edited from being little known to being one of the world's 400 leading business publications
  •   Lead a statewide coalition of animal rights and humane groups to its first legislative hearing in eight months after 20 years of unsuccessful efforts.
  • Numerous neighborhood groups get the voice and recognition they needed to achieve their goals.

Global Innovation Counseling and Labs

In addition to writing a book on the "what is it? and "how to do it" of Global Innovation, I have been fortunate because I have been able to work with the best from around the world on helping people and organizations to be global innovators.

I can put that to use in counseling you or create an Innovation Project Lab to produce the innovation that will take your positive future vision from dream to reality.


Ned Hamson:

I will accept assignments with groups, individuals, issues, and products/services, which I can personally support.

What do I support?

  • The guidelines of the UN Secretary General's Global Compact is a touchstone of mine for working with commercial firms.
  • My guidelines to working with individuals and NGOs are based on
    • The Seven Teachings of the Anishnaabe,
    • Jesus' request to "Love one another as I have loved you,"
    • Micah's advise to "do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your God," and
    • Philip Wylie's advise to 'do nothing that endangers the survival of your species and do nothing that endangers the survival of other species since their extinction may endanger the survivability of your species.'

My background

Individual innovation/re-invention

If it is yourself that you want to reinvent, I'd love to work with you. My 25,000-mile walk and spiritual journey over the last five and a half years did more than enable me to walk away from 115 pounds of excess weight, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. It has helped me to understand why change is so difficult and to refine the ways I can help people  begin the changes, innovations, or transformations they desire and make them  stick. More...

Using my finished articles, essays and research for your publication, seminar or workshop My fees for this type of use are very nominal.

Fair and reasonable fees?

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